The management of investment portfolios for me is basically a “MYTH”, and is that if we really want to start earning on the stock market immediately with little investment, we have to go to fixed, with a truly sustainable and effective strategy, without having to expose the initial investment to an administration of investment portfolios, a method that consists of not skimping efforts and trying to analyze again and again a somewhat unstable market, whose actions may vary and therefore constantly try to reduce to the maximum the risks of loss or maintain a saving stability in investments. Taking all this into account, you will always see a weakness in the management of investment portfolios.

Although there are many models of strategy, so far there has not been one that works so well, both for beginners and advanced, without relying on an investment portfolio management model. That is why it is very important to have a suitable and well-established method from the beginning, to carry out a successful and successful investment, so in the COMPLETE COURSE, you will learn a method that develops over many years of experience to enter actually winning on the Stock Exchange.

If you follow this method to the letter, most of your transactions will generate large profits; Remember that there is no infallible method in the Stock Exchange, that does not exist, and there will not be, there is no crystal ball, there is no magic program, computer software prodigious that will tell me what to buy and what to sell, how much to buy and how much to sell, that does not exist. Reason enough that most people who invest in the Stock Exchange lose their money and it is because they do not have an Appropriate Method with a Stock Market Analysis well defined.

On the other hand, Mentality is a vital and important capacity (not to be carried away by emotions); this is seen much in the common method of managing investment portfolios. So if I have a method with clear statistics I can control my emotions and not let myself be led by them that are how I will be successful in the Stock Exchange indisputably.

For example, in a transaction where the maximum utility revealed by the indicators that we can see is 300%, that’s when we realize that it is an opportune moment to get out of it, so it is wise to assimilate as far as an action can go. With the graphs and the movement of the action that reflect the strategies 3.7 and 3.9, we can easily realize that there will be a high cap of utility, thus managing to understand in advance how far I can operate and close the transaction, so be sure that we will settle for this utility.

What is Technical Analysis

Consequently what gives me the utility is the movement of the market, since this is like the surge of the sea, when there are a lot of waves this is good in the market, but if on a certain day the opposite happens and there are no good waves. Are days so good, not that having days not so good means that I will have completely bad days, they just will not be as fun or good as other times? And the market is exactly the same, when we have a clear trend, is when we will carry out most transactions with the largest profits, and when there is no trend in the market or the market is volatile as a result the profits will do smaller. But knowing that if I do things well most of my transactions will generate very good profits.

In a market without a well-defined trend and expect to get 300% profits in the transaction will not be possible at all. In a market with a good tendency, either up or down, knowing how to invest in either direction is a Market with a clear tendency, or that is where the big profits come from, it is a matter of a well-defined and takes advantage of those moments.

Many people ask me how much time I should expect during this year on the Stock Exchange to get performance in my portfolio. And the answer is “I do not know” I do not know, because I do not know what kind of market we are going to have this year, we can have 8, 10 or 12 opportunities in the year, what will really need our very good profits is to have a Clear market with well-defined trends.

That is why we will not always go to the Stock Market during some periods of the year and it is that for the same reason we will not get an investment portfolio management month by month to do so, since we are going to take full advantage of the type of market that we can have it during the year, that’s where we can operate and our earnings can be very high, and by the end of the year we can see how much more profits are made in our portfolio.

In conclusion not only from my own experience, but also from my countless colleagues, clients, students and friends who are having a resounding success on the Stock Exchange; I can say with certainty, that with  my strategies  and a complete signal system, you can generate a lot of Money on the Stock Exchange, you will be sure that there will be no chance of loss as it could happen with the investment portfolio management previously mentioned and as well as being able to take advantage of the multiple sources of information that would represent to have your Own Investment Strategy proven for more than a long time.

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