ICICI Pru RSF Better Returns in Hybrid Fund Category

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Mumbai-Regular Savings Fund (RSF) of ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund, the leading mutual fund company, has given better returns in Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) and has left behind the Nifty 50 hybrid.
According to statistics, this fund has proved to be a better fund in equity for middle-class risk investors and it was first known as ICICI Pru MIP 25 and it comes under Conservative Hybrid Fund category. This fund fundamentally invests in equity of debt securities and money market resources. According to SEBI regulations, invest 10-25 percent of the total assets in equities while the rest do in securities. The high allocation in the debt securities helps in the growth of its principal and the risk is also lower. While low allocation in equity helps in higher returns.
Figures show that this fund has given returns of 11.53% in 3 years, while the Nifty Hybrid Composite Debt has given a return of 9.13%. Investors who are close to retirement or are in the hope of regular income, they can take part of the retirement fund for the SWP in this fund. SWP allows you to withdraw funds according to your needs every month or any period of time from the mutual fund scheme. But remember that investment in debt securities is not completely risk free because this fund invests in debt securities linked to the market. Therefore, it is possible to capitalize on capital and you should invest a portion of retirement into debt securities.
This fund adopts a multi-cap approach and has given a higher returns in the market’s recession, but has given a controlled return in the bull market. In debt securities this fund originally invests in government securities and corporate bonds. In the long term, investors can see this fund as an alternative to capital appreciation. Figures show that ICICI Prudential Regular Saving scores show higher returns in terms of SWP performance than its counterparts.
If the SWP payouts are seen in the period of three, five and seven years, then this scheme has yielded yield of 11.6, 12.5 and 10.8 percent annually, whereas in this category, the annual yield of top quartile funds is 10, 11 and 10 percent in the above period. is. If the investor starts SWP after three years of investment, then it helps in claiming indexation benefit. The return of SWP is evaluated on the initial investment i.e. one lakh rupees investment which is in the form of monthly Rs 1,000 payouts. The fund mainly focuses on exposure to equities 11-17 per cent and focuses on equity with debt caps.