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Nimish Sir Reviews

Jay Patel

Truth masters at work, Nimish Sir was truly a great teacher on explain Step by step on how to Operate Trading station.

Kapil Mehra

The short and long term support is much appreciated, as well as needed.

Nayan Tandel

Nimish Sir is an awesome coach. Her heart is in teaching and it shows. Great session and I really learned a lot!

Smita Shah

As Futures retake learner, it is helpful to correct errors and adjust a trading plan. This class was very helpful as I continue to build layers of knowledge to help me become a better trader.

Arjunsinh Jadeja

Tim is the perfect instructor for my learning style. I would highly recommend Tim and the Professional Options trader class.

Ajay Gehlot

I enjoyed the class, the class materials and the rich online resources, the very conducive learning location, the staffs and the instructor, Nimish Sir.

Nitin Salunke

This course will get you set up to get the help needed to be successful as a trader.

Mayur Gohel

Excellent training program. I have learned much more in the past few months than my previous 28 years in the market. Well worth the time and cost.

Kamlesh Suthar

The class was very interesting, informative and intense. Lots of great hands on and illustration. Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful. Even though I have a lot more to learn; I learned sooo muucchh!!

Kirti Bosamiya

The education that is taught here is beyond rare and absolutely valuable for everyone, I am telling everyone I know to start as soon as possible.”

Dhanashri Academy Nimish Shah sir Reviews | Students Feedback


Jayant Sain – Thane

The charts and patterns were explained clearly with samples. All necessary information regarding stock market were explained perfectly and detailed. The trainer prepares some question in the audience point of view and gave the proper explanation and that was interesting. Dhanashri Academy is the great place to learn about stock market for the beginners.

Raviraj Mehta – Pune

Trainer knowledge is awesome for training and easily approachable and the deep coverage of the technical analysis gives me confidence to start trading even right now though am a fresher. I had never thought that I will be able to understand the analysis so easily.

Dhanashree Academy Nimish Shah Review


Rajesh Tailor – Mumbai

For technical analysis and basics of share market course I joined Dhanashri Academy .The trainer was friendly and informative and he gave us in depth explanation on all the topics with appropriate examples.

Pratik Shah – Mumbai

To do technical analysis and basic of trading course I joined in this institute and the trainer was really good and they knowledgeable. I am completely satisfied. Specially Thanks to Nimish Shah Sir.