Capacity Infra IPO application for Rs 73000 crores instead of 400 crores

Capacity Infra IPO

Mumbai – In this fast-moving IPO market this week, where Dixon Technologies IPO received 114 times the subscription from investors, the investors have shown good interest in the IPO of the Capacity Infra, which is closing on the last day of the week. On Friday, on the last Friday, it got more than 182 times the subscription till 5 o’clock. In this way, this IPO has also joined the list of hit IPOs.

 Capacity Infra’s IPO was open on September 13 and the company had come to raise Rs 400 crore from the market. But on the last day it received applications for more than Rs. 72,000 crores rather than 400 crores. This subscription, originally given to this company of manufacturing, has made it easy for other companies too.

 Well this week, ICICI Lombard’s IPO is open, next week Proteap Snacks and SBI Life will open an IPO. Capacity IPO received an application for 207 million shares, while its IPO size was just 1.14 million shares. The gray market premium of this IPO had already indicated and this premium was more than Rs. 100. The scope of this IPO was fixed at Rs 245-250 per share.

Apart from this, those who got good membership in the IPO till now, in 2000, number Infotech 284 times, FCS software 176 times, Indus Network 174 times, Salasar Technology 273 times in the same year, DEMART 104 times, CDSL 170 times, Quas carp was 143 times and Advance enzyme got 116 times.