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31,700 crore sold in GSK

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The board of Hindustan Unilever (HUL) approved the merger of the company and Glaxosmithline Consumer Healthcare Limited (GSK) Indian Business on Monday. However, for this, the approval of the statutory authorities and shareholders of the company has to be obtained. This deal has happened in about Rs. 31700 crores.

After this news, the stocks of both the companies were seen very good. While HUL’s shares were trading at about Rs 1,823 at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), up from 4 per cent, GSK’s shares were trading 4.69 per cent higher at Rs 7,611.

HUL has signed a defunct agreement with GSK CH India in this regard. This deal is fully equity merger, in which 4.39 shares of HUL will be allocated for one share of GSK CH India. This acquisition will provide sustainable and profitable food and refreshment (F & R) in India to capitalize on the broad trends of Health and Wellness of Hindustan Unilever. ) The business is in line with the strategy of preparation.

GSK CH India is a market leader in the HFD category with its iconic brands Horlicks and Boost. The products included in his portfolio claim to have abundant nutrition. This portfolio with Horlicks has a long history in India and it was originally introduced in the 1930s. Horlicks have been making their entry in India’s home-house for many generations.

Charges will be charged on withdrawing money from checks and ATMs

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Mumbai-Bank consumers are now going to face big losses of goods and services tax (GST). This will give tax on all types of transactions inside or outside the bank. From redemption of cash to ATM cash withdrawal, additional money is required to be paid.
This will also eliminate the free facility available to customers at the bank and ATM. Now customers can make free transactions from their bank’s ATM five times. After the new system is implemented, these free transactions will be over. Banks have to pay about Rs 40,000 crore to these services.

Besides this, the bank also wants to increase the non-banking transaction fee on ATM from Rs 18 to Rs. This can be up to 25 rupees. This fee was fixed in 2012 and there has not been any change since then. The cost of a transaction from ATM comes to 23 rupees a day. At present, all banks deduct 15 rupees for cash transactions on ATM and Rs 5 for non cash transactions.

Srinivasan, director of CATMI, said the cost of ATM operators has already increased significantly. According to the rules of the Reserve Bank created for the cash van, the companies managing cash should have at least 300 cash vans, one driver in each cash van, two custodian and two gunmen guards to secure the cash.

Simultaneously, in every vehicle, GPS should be aware of ground mapping and live police station with live monitoring so that help can be taken at the time of emergency. The free services on which banks have proposed to install 18 percent GST include the use of check books, ATMs, additional credit cards and petrol-diesel card refunds.

Reserve Bank of India’s use of funds in banks for repatriation


In the dispute between the Mumbai-Government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), former Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanyam has strongly supported the Government’s side. Subramaniam said that the RBI has surplus capital of Rs 4.5 lakh crore to Rs 7 lakh crore, which can be used in recapitalization of banks. Due to the increasing problem of NPA, government banks are facing pressure and the government has announced a recapitalization package of Rs 2.11 lakh crore to help them.
He said that this work should be done by the RBI itself and not without any interference from outside. Subramaniam said that his suggestion is against the idea of the former and current officials of the RBI, who believe that the surplus capital is not required to be given to the RBI. But he thinks wrong.
Talking before the publication of his book ‘Off Council: The Challenges of Modi-Jaitley Economy’, he said, “These officers have the respect of people and this is due to good reasons. Margaret Thatcher used to say that ‘a man and a truth are the majority’.
He said, ‘Banks need more money to improve. It is possible that the government will need Rs 3 to 5 lakh crore to do this. It is in addition to the amount already spent so that the condition of the government banks can be corrected. Subramaniam said that in such a situation there is only one public enterprise, which has enough cash to complete it and it is RBI.

52 Week High Breakout (30/11/2018)

DRREDDY 2722.20

Higher Delivery Quantity (30/11/2018)

RKFORGE 1653445 7161 549
BIRLACORPPN 251509 11184 617.40
LALPATHLAB 375615 20611 862.45
MHRIL 367707 27454 202
AUBANK 2341421 195103 568.25
SIEMENS 5433961 502048 950.65
HSCL 1691686 184271 132.15
RELAXO 60267 6884 751.55
THYROCARE 259595 30253 545.65