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52 Week High Breakout (17/11/2017)

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RADICO 251.35
PAGEIND 24144.95
JUBLFOOD 1774.60
VOLTAS 614.15

Superb listing of HDFC Standard Life in Insurance Companies  


Mumbai. So far the number of listings of insurance companies has been done on the stock exchanges, everyone has disappointed the investors. But on Friday the listing of another insurance company made investors happy. On Friday, HDFC Standard Life Insurance’s shares were listed on the NSE at a price of 310 per share with 6.9 per cent premium.

Explain that the issue price for HDFC Standard Life Insurance was fixed at Rs 290 per share for listing. Before all the insurers came out, all of them had raised the price at the time of the IPO and the second listing was also very weak. Still, the shares of these companies are trading below their issue price, in which GICR is trading at 12.09%, New India is trading below 14.53%.

After listing, HDFC Standard Life Insurance on NSE has managed to reach Rs 313.45. The issue of HDFC Standard Life Insurance was open from 7 to 9 November. The issue has raised Rs 8,695 crore from the issue. Earlier, the company had raised Rs 2,322 crore from anchor investors. The company’s issue had received good réspions from investors and it was almost 5 times full. The retail portion of the issue was 0.94 times but the share of the QIB was 16.6 times.

Let us know that last year the IPO of ICICI Life Insurance got a good subscription and its listing also got cured. But this year, life insurance companies come from the IPO are still operating below.

Up to 34,000 Sensex can go up Market reached new height on Friday

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Mumbai,. After the first three days of this week, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) witnessed tremendous growth on Thursday and Friday and gained a new height. On Thursday, where the BSE Sensex climbed 346 points to close at 33,107, on Friday it rose by more than 300 points to 33,397. On Nifty, it rose 97 points to 10,298 points with a gain of 83 points on Friday, after gaining 97 points and 10,215 points on Thursday.

Market analysts say that the news of Moody’s upgrade is showing positive trend in the market and we feel that by the end of this year, the Sensex could touch 34,000 level. Maybe it touches even earlier, but the end of December is a target where the Sensex can go up to 34,000. Those investors who have lost market boom in the past few months, they are no longer sad. These analysts believe that the pace of the Indian market is still not over.

CNI Research Chairman Kishor Ostwal says that we are heading towards a new height, and the market is still not over. Even if the central bank of the United States of America increases the interest rates or crude oil prices, it will not have much effect. However, one thing that can cause a little trouble for the market is that if Corporate Income does not improve in earnings then then the market moves can change. Although the results of the September quarter are slightly expected, but the look is still stuck on the December quarter.

Explain that the S & P BSE Sensex was trading below its top level of 33,865 to 1000 points, but it has been showing an upturn for the past two days. While the Nifty 50 is trading below its top level of 10,490 to 300 points below. After going to 34,000 for the Sensex, the Nifty may go up to 10500 till December.

The Indian market is heading for over 6-9 months, but the fundamentals are slightly negative. Increase in income is an important factor for the market’s rise, which can run it. However, due to the repeated reforms made by the government in the goods and services tax (GST) implemented in July, it is now worried. Therefore, the impact of GST can now be positive on the market. By December, the market will also be seen on the elections of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat, the results will be on December 18. This election will decide the next steps of the present government.

52 Week High Breakout (16/11/2017)

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IFBIND 1180.60
PAGEIND 23025.90

52 Week High Breakout (15/11/2017)

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MINDAIND 1035.85
ASTRAL 796.75
VOLTAS 600.00