Rule of listing of IPO may be 3 days  


Mumbai: The capital market regulator, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi), which is continuously improving the initial public offering (IPO) segment, has planned to make a major improvement, under which IPO’s listing can be timed to 3 days. At present the limit is 6 days.

According to sources, SEBI can make this decision in September itself and this is possible in the board meeting held on September 1. Explain that currently the company’s shares have to be listed on stock exchanges within 6 days of IPO closure. Earlier this limit was 12 days, but in January last year SEBI reduced it to 6 days. The main reason behind this is that the money invested by the investors can not stay for 6 days or 12 days, but within 3 days they will start getting returns.

Sources said that SEBI can decide on this matter in the month of September. Let us say that SEBI has made good decisions in favor of investors in the past few years. Under this, investor can deposit the application for subscription with the banks, brokers, depository participants etc. Earlier this form was deposited only with the bank and the brokers. At the same time, the payment was also made easier to buy shares during the IPO, under which Asba (Application Supported by Blocked Amount) was made compulsory for all categories of investors.

Explain that for the past few years, good participation of retail investors in the IPO market has increased, which has given good IPO to the IPO. If some broke records in the case of subscription, then most IPOs gave investors more returns than expected. Anyway, better IPOs are coming in the coming months, from which the market is expected to get good growth.

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