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Higher Delivery Quantity (03/12/2018)

GEPIL 75583 4694 810.90
FINPIPE 265037 22909 546.65
JBCHEPHARM 208332 25528 301.45
KALPATPOWR 83806 10298 358.40
IPCALAB 360063 91375 804.50
JKIL 235660 63172 133.45
MAXINDIA 1402267 399514 63.95
APARINDS 5213 1514 618
THYROCARE 208801 71039 557.15

52 Week High Breakout (03/12/2018)


HDFC Bank’s Mobile Banking Off

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Mumbai-Private Bank’s largest bank HDFC Bank has recently closed the updated mobile banking app. The bank has recently removed this app from the Play Store. Although the bank will provide relief to its crores of subscribers, it will soon launch the old version.
HDFC Bank launched its new mobile banking app on 27th November. On behalf of the bank, Country Head of Digital Bank, Nitin Chugh claimed that 50 million people can use this app at a time. However, the app did not run after the load was increased on the server. Now the bank has removed the app from the Play Store.

A senior HDFC bank official said that considering the problems facing the customers, the bank will soon launch the old version on the Play Store till Monday late evening. This will keep customers from all types of banking activities. Many people came together to upgrade the app, so that the server slowed down. Because of this, many customers were unable to log in to the mobile app.

The bank’s official said that due to the increase in the load on the server, such a view was found. Although the bank claimed to have done the right way to the app even after increasing the load. People are facing problems in fund transfer and other payments due to non-working of net banking and mobile apps.

Sensex closes 47 points up


With the announcement of the ongoing trading war between Mumbai-US and China, the stock market started on a positive note on Monday. The Sensex, which opened with a 200-point gain, but later limited the pace. At the turn of the business, the Sensex climbed 46.70 points to close at 36241. On the other hand, the Nifty was 7 points stronger and closed at 10883.75 level. The markets got very support from metal and FMCG stocks.

Between the ups and downs of the stock, the stock market received a lot of support from Nifty Metal and Nifty FMCG Index. The Nifty Metal Index was up 2.43 percent and the FMCG Index gained 0.58 percent. The Nifty Pharma Index was down by 2.04 percent. Apart from this, the Nifty Auto Index was also closed in the red mark.
The positive signals of the meeting between Trump and Jinping also show on other Asian markets and more markets open with good growth. China’s Shanghai Composite closed 2.55 percent higher. Hongsong’s Hangsheng, Japan’s Nikki, South Korea’s Kospei registered strongest of 1 to 2.50 percent.

In Nifty 50, Indiabulls housing finance registered the highest growth of 9.43 percent. Apart from this, Yes Bank has 4.83 per cent, Hindustan Unilever 4 per cent, Gail India 3.67 per cent, Vedanta is 3.63 per cent higher than the top gainers.

50% increase in NBFC’s borrowings

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MUMBAI: The credit given to banks by non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) increased by 50 percent in October. This information has been given in a report of Kotak Mahindra. Although the growth of debt has been 15 percent, which has been the highest in the last five years.
According to the report, there has been a substantial increase in NBFCs and retail loans and this trend is expected to continue further. Market share in the overall borrowings of private banks has been 31 per cent in the second quarter, in which south and western parts are still the most contributing. Similarly, the growth in debt in the banking sector was 15 per cent in November, compared to 3.5 per cent in the same month last year. Talking about October, 27 per cent in service sector, 17 per cent in retail loans and 4 per cent in corporate yearly.
The report says hope is expected to improve in debt. Despite the marginal difference between rising interest rates, liquidity crunch and MCLR and market rates, the credit growth is good. Speaking of credit card, it has increased 31% in October on an annual basis and in personal loan it is growing 22%. While private banks are at the top, the market share of government banks is declining. It is expected that the share of private banks will continue to grow further. In the first half of fiscal year 2019, the debt of South India and Western India increased by 60 percent. The shares of East and North East have been 7 and 1 percent. The literacy of borrowing in these markets is quite low.