Monthly Archives: December 2018

Higher Delivery Quantity (31/12/2018)

PFIZER 134828 12481 2854.35
BLUESTARCO 85032 10729 622.90
KARURVYSYA 2402093 388284 89
THERMAX 32786 7415 1120.25
TEAMLEASE 46420 13154 2863.70
PIIND 131201 39978 862.45
ASAHIINDIA 27957 8737 255.50
CENTURYPLY 401415 162365 177.85
LALPATHLAB 286162 124780 910.30

52 Week High Breakout (31/12/2018)

TIINDIA 356.25
COLPAL 1343.55

Higher Delivery Quantity (28/12/2018)

JAGRAN 1022714 25533 113.15
LALPATHLAB 561875 15755 908.50
CCL 432010 12431 271.95
ELGIEQUIP 749624 25556 169.45
TEAMLEASE 56647 3399 2852.45
SUNDARMFIN 180890 12915 1423.20
FDC 125516 9959 172.95
SYNGENE 278045 32226 562.15
SFL 6966 886 1464.75

NFO of ICICI Pru MF till 9th ​​January


Mumbai- The new fund offer (NFO) of the country’s leading mutual fund company ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund (NFO) will be closed on January 9, which is open on December 26. Sankaran Naren and Roshan are pinching the management of this fund. In this scheme, the investor can invest one outright or through a SIP. The minimum investment can be Rs 5,000 or more in its multiplier.
Actually, this fund is on the plan to give returns to the investors better than the benchmark, following the strategy to convert any particular situations into an investment opportunity. Special situations come due to temporary crisis in companies, sectors or any economy, including government actions or regulatory changes or global events or uncertainties.
According to market analysts, whatever conditions of this kind have come before, there is a good return in investors. For example, when there was a change in Infosys management, prices of its shares fell sharply, which dropped from 7,51 to 438 rupees. This crisis gave investors the opportunity to buy in shares, and in August 2017 to September 2018 they received 70 percent returns.
Similarly, in the United Spirits when Diageo bought the stake in November 2012, its share increased from 272 in 2012 to Rs 772 in 2015. In this, investors also got better earnings. Likewise, in June 2015, Nestle India’s shares went a little lower than found the material of Lead in Noodle brand Maggi. Its stock fell from Rs 7,000 to Rs 5,000 in a few months. This was an excellent investment opportunity for a smart investor, and during June 2015 to August 2018, the prices of its shares were up 108 per cent.
In addition to the companies, in the same way when there was a ban in India, many sectors were affected during that time, with consumer durable, retail, automobile and other sectors. However fund managers have shown interest in NBFCs, insurance and mutual funds as an opportunity. The allocation of this fund will be 9% in any individual stock. In this offer offered by the country’s leading mutual fund, investors are expected to get a better return, which can earn a substantial asset for them in the long run.

Week end with market rally


The Mumbai-stock market is getting bullish on Friday. The broader index of the Sensex was up by 269.44 points, at 36,076.72 points and the Nifty advanced 80.10 points to 10,859.90. The 30-share index of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Sensex rose 104.71 points, or 35911.99 points, and 269.44 points or 0.75 per cent to close at 36,076.72.
In the day-to-day trading, the Sense touched the upper level of 36,194.78 and touched a low of 35,911.99. The BSE mid-cap and smallcap index have also gained. The BSE Mid-cap index was up 141.92 points at 15,360.21 and Smallcap Index moved up by 123.82 points to 14,605.69 points.
On the National Stock Exchange (NSE), the 50-share Sensex index Nifty rose 41.15 points to close at 10,820.95 and closed 80.10 points or 0.74 percent higher at 10,859.90. The Nifty touched the day’s low of 10,893.60 and touched a low of 10,817.15 in the daytime trade.
Of the 19 BSE sector out of 19 sectors, there is an upturn. Consumer durables (2.15 percent), health services (1.28 percent), infrastructure (1.15 percent), finance (1.13 percent) and industrial (1.12 percent) are the fastest ones. A BSE sector telecom (0.08 percent) declined.