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Higher Delivery Quantity (14/12/2018)

ASTERDM 2563151 49218 150.20
ECLERX 102266 5580 1099.95
ITDCEM 354123 43031 109
ALKEM 55956 10015 1878.85
SOMANYCERA 319175 57114 313.60
JMFINANCIL 1190490 24878 86.35
SUDARSCHEM 45387 13268 335.85
CONCOR 678966 203193 650.65
SUNCLAYLTD 3294 1191 3571.15

52 Week High Breakout (14/12/2018)


Ramdev can bring IPO

IPO Investment

Patanjali Company of Mumbai-Baba Ramdev will soon be able to get an initial public offering (IPO). Although the company has not yet submitted any draft capital market regulator SEBI to it, this kind of sign itself has not given Baba Ramdev itself.
Ramdev gave such signs during a program and said that within a month, he can give some ‘good news’. Yoga Guru was responding to questions related to the listing of Patanjali. He said that if necessary facilities are made available at economical rates, then the country can be converted into a major manufacturing hub. For this, some areas should be marked for manufacturing industries. He said that in view of the difficulties faced by many industries, banks should come forward to help them.
In October this year, Ramdev had said that neither he wants to acquire foreign equity nor wants to be listed on the stock exchange, because Patanjali is a charitable firm. Baba Ramdev during a program said that Patanjali Ayurveda aims to leave behind the country’s largest FMCG company Hindustan Unilever (HUL) in terms of turnover and by 2025 as the world’s largest FMCG brand.

 Personal Accident Cover Will Not Look For

Technical Analysis
Mumbai- The Indian Insurance Development Authority (IRDA) has given relief to new tax collectors for the second time since January 1. Under the circumstances, you will not have to pay extra money for the personal accident cover for the second car.
In this way, if you are thinking of taking a new car after January 1, and if you already have a car, you will not need to pay for the personal accident cover separately. By now it was necessary that if you were taking a new car then you would have to take a Compulsory Personal Accident (CPA) cover, but the insurance regulator has eliminated its inevitability.
IRDA has issued a notification and said that since January 1, 2019, customers will not have to purchase separate CPA cover for each new vehicle purchased. According to the notification, IRDA has decided to remove the CPA cover and has given permission to issue a standalone CPA cover for the vehicle owner-driver. Currently, a vehicle buyer has to buy a CPA for each vehicle he or she purchases.
IRDA had increased the minimum insurance cover to Rs 15 lakh for the annual premium of 750 rupees for the driver. Prior to this, the capital sum insured (CSI) for two-wheelers and private cars / commercial vehicles was Rs 1 lakh and Rs 2 lakh, respectively. It has been stated in the notification that as a general personal accident cover also covers cover against motor accidents. If a boss-driver has a personal accident cover of 24 hours against death and permanent disability (total and partial) for a CSI of at least 15 lakh rupees, there is no need to take separate CPA cover for it.

Not agreed on the governance framework

stock market news

Mumbai: In the meeting of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) board headed by the new governor Shikkantant Das, there is discussion about the governance framework. Although there was no consensus on this matter in the meeting and it was decided that further discussions would be held in this regard.
Jose J. Kattur, Chief General Manager, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said that former governor Urjit Patel as deputy governor and governor was appreciated in the board meeting. He said, “The meeting discussed the situation of liquidity with current economic status, global and domestic challenges. According to the statement issued on the website, there was also discussion about the Trends and Progress of Banking in India (2017-18).