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Higher Delivery Quantity (18/09/2018)

GEPIL 115128 5516 737.35
COX&KINGS 545875 36694 214.50
EIHOTEL 511263 44855 161.85
DENABANK 2936183 275611 19.05
FLFL 193518 19080 415.20
TEAMLEASE 74713 7466 2520.15
GRAPHITE 842920 189230 986.25
KPRMILL 128524 29589 683.75
OFSS 673421 164772 4260.15

Mahindra Rural and Consumption Plan NFO will open on October 19


18th September, 2018 – Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd. (MFFSL), a subsidiary of Mahindra Mutual Fund, has introduced NFO (open offer fund), the open ended equity scheme, Mahindra Rural India and Consumption Plan. This scheme is best for those investors who want to increase their capital over long periods by investing in equities and equity related resources of institutions which benefit from the high growth of rural consumption and income. The NFO will open on October 19 and close on November 2.

Actually this scheme will increase the capital by investing in those institutions and businesses, which are involved in benefiting from the growth and structural changes of rural India or are expected to make profits from them. This would include all the sectors which would potentially benefit from improved consumption of rural India and consistent earnings. Initiatives of all infrastructure reforms such as gold cards, crop insurance, high minimum support price, e-market and doubling of the income of the farmers are expected to increase rapidly in rural income.

Ashutosh Bishnoi, managing director and chief executive officer of Mahindra Mutual Fund said that we expect that positive demographic dividend and improvement in the consumption pattern in rural India will contribute to India’s higher GDP growth. Mahindra Rural India and Conjuction Plan offers investors an opportunity to participate in fundamentally strong and well-known diversified equity portfolio and participate in India’s growth story, especially in rural India. We believe that this scheme will provide an attractive long-term investment opportunity, where investors should consider participating in the Mahindra Rural India Scheme for better growth of capital from their investments.

This scheme will invest a minimum of 80 percent of the equity and equity-related resources of those companies which have exposure towards rural India. While up to 20 per cent will invest in Debt and Money Market Securities, REIT Investments and the equity and equities related to those companies whose exposure is in addition to rural India. Mahindra Rural India and Convention plan will provide investors an opportunity to invest in a segment that contributes to strong prospects in India’s GDP. This fund will focus on global fluctuations like currency tricks, and invest in companies that will catch less awareness or understanding opportunities in rural India.

Higher Delivery Quantity (17/09/2018)

ENIL 342392 20785 630.65
VMART 91545 8878 2691.10
LAURUSLABS 379060 44384 437.95
GSPL 827858 165661 179.65
DBCORP 180216 41009 218
SOMANYCERA 174138 41720 435.45
BHARATFIN 1309166 323484 1160.20
MHRIL 142167 36364 245.65
SBILIFE 1854921 522715 642.65

52 Week High Breakout (17/09/2018)

OFSS 4489
MONSANTO 3129.50