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Higher Delivery Quantity (04/09/2018)

DYNAMATECH 43443 979 1646.85
JMFINANCIL 5835417 307619 116.90
JKCEMENT 111888 12453 805.60
EIHOTEL 193111 29888 179.75
TATACOMM 542543 103023 518.85
PARSVNATH 205996 41129 11.40
MTEDUCARE 87466 20814 56.50
SYMPHONY 42123 11344 1069.80
GODREJCP 1522151 418143 1399.15

52 Week High Breakout (04/09/2018)

INFY 737
TCS 2098.90

Closes with market downturn

Sensex ends down

Mumbai: With the ups and downs of the day, the stock market has closed down with the fall. The BSE index index, Sensex, dropped further by 154.60 points to 38,157 and NSE’s Nifty closed at 11,519, with a weak 62 points. In the Nifty, there are 9 stocks in 50 shares and 41 are blocked on the red mark. On the other hand, the downturn in the mid-cap (3.08 per cent) and the downturn (2.59 per cent) was closed.

In the business of the day, all the red marks remained closed except the IT sector. Business closed with IT sector 2.06 percent up. Nifty Auto declined 1.66 percent, Nifty Finance Service 0.94 percent, Nifty FMCG dropped 2.08 percent, Nifty metal dropped 1.94 percent, Nipti Pharma declined 1.49 percent and Nifty Realty dropped 1.85 percent. .

With the rise in Tuesday’s trading, the uptrend in open-stock market could not sustain for a long time, at 9:30 a.m., the BSE Sensex dropped 41 points (0.11 percent) to 38,270 and the Nifty fell 18 points (0.16 percent) to trade at 11,563. Think of the 50 shares mentioned in the Nifty, on the 17th green mark, 32 were seen on the red mark and a non-transformation business. At the same time, both the mid-cap and the small-stock Nifty index are falling in the index. The Nifty’s mid-cap is trading 0.25 percent and the downturn is 0.14 percent.

If you talk about the sectoral index, you are trading in all red marks except IT. Nifty Auto dropped by 0.03%, Nifty Finance Services down 0.20%, Nifty FMCG dropped 0.86%, Nifty metal dropped 0.19%, Nifty Pharma 0.24% and Nifty Reality 0.07% fall. .

SEBI came in front of changes in KYC rules

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MUMBAI: Market regulator SEBI has come out openly to protest against the proposed changes in KYC regulations by a lobby of Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI). SEBI said that the claim of $ 75 billion (5.25 lakh crore) investment from this regulatory move is completely ‘flawless and irresponsible’. Significantly, some FPI had expressed concern over the proposed changes in the rules. SEBI has already given additional time to comply with these policies.

However, a lobby group Asset Management Roundtable of India (AMRI) had said on Monday that the $ 75 billion investment made by the Overseas Citizens of India, Person of Indian Origin and Non Resident Indians, by applying new rules, will be invested in India. And this fund will run out of India in a very short period of time. This organization has also warned that it will have serious impact on stock and rupee.

Expressing serious objection to these claims, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, in a statement released in the morning, said, “It is a disproportionate and extremely irresponsible claim that the investment of $ 75 billion due to the circular issued by SEBI in April, 2016 “Sebi has given a list of its Beneficiary Owners in a fixed format within 6 months from the FPI of category II and 3 in April. Although the deadline last month was delayed by December 2 and they were assured that these issues would be raised in the Expert panel.

TCS joins 8 lakh crore club


Mumbai-Information Technology Company Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) becomes the second Indian company with market capitalization of Rs 8 lakh crore The stock of the company rose by 2% on Tuesday to the highest level of Rs 2,094. This increased the company’s valuation to 8.02 lakh crore for the first time. Earlier on August 23, Reliance Industries had achieved this position. Reliance’s market capitalization remained around Rs 7.87 lakh crore on Tuesday.

TCS became the sole company on June 15 that reached the level of market valuation of Rs 7 lakh crore during the trading session. In the case of valuation, TCS had touched the market cap of Rs 6 lakh crore last year. Along with that, he became the second company to touch this level after the RIL.

On May 25, TCS’s market capitalization reached Rs 7 lakh crore for the first time. However, the market remained closed at 6.87 trillion rupees. After 20 days, on June 15, the company again crossed the 7 lakh crore mark. That day, with the valuation of 7.05 lakh crores, the business in the stock market ended. TCS shares rose 70 percent in the last one year. From January till now it has been 58 percent. Its investors had 22% in the last three months and 6% in one month. After Tuesday’s rise, the stock reached a new 52-week high This year, the rupee declined by more than 10 percent. TCS is the flagship company of Tata Group.