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FIIs are playing steady role, Only 3,100 crores investment in this month


Mumbai: On the one hand, the Indian stock market is constantly recording new highs, while foreign institutional investors (FIIs) play a steady role. Like in the previous month, FIIs have invested less than Rs 5,000 crore in the equity market this month.

The Bombay Stock Exchange’s sensitive index, which was trading on Monday over 32,400, the market’s total capitalization also reached a new height of Rs 132 lakh crore. But FIIs have a net investment of Rs 3,111 crore in equity. On July 19, the highest investment of Rs 1000 crore was made by these investors in July.

So far, FIIs had bought shares worth Rs 89,972 crore in this month, while during the same period, shares of shares worth Rs 86,861 crore were sold. In this way, the net investment was just Rs 3,111 crore. During the last month ie June, FIIs had invested Rs 4,028 crore during this period, while in May the amount was 9,956 crore rupees.

However, if the matter of debt is concerned, FIIs had made a net investment of Rs 15,533 crore so far this month, in the last month ie in June this amount was Rs 24,796 crore. Actually, the Indian market has been in a fast pace for the time being, and in this way domestic institutional investors (DIIs) have consistently remained investor in the market.

Although there are many other reasons for the carefulness of FIIs, but analysts believe that FIIs will remain in Indian equity and debt market. Well, in the Indian market, domestic institutional investors have invested well for some time, which has helped the market. Analysts say that the participation of domestic institutional investors in the market is now stable and the FII withdrawal or the sale of the market will not cause much shock.

52 Week High Breakouts (31.07.2017)

WhatsApp Image 2017-07-31 at 6.11.11 PM

RELCAPITAL    718.65
LAXMIMACH   5754.30
YESBANK           1841.85
HDFC                   1785.35
TATAINVEST      893.80
GVKPIL                12.45
L&TFH                 170.40
ELGIEQUIP       248.95
HFCL                   18.75
KSCL                    683.50
INDUSINDBK   1628.35
JINDWORLD    717.65
IGL                       1190.65⁠⁠⁠⁠

3 Important Tips to Become a Successful Investor in India

Successful Investor in India

Important Tips to Become a Successful Investor in India

Stock market technical analysis courses have been in the forefront of providing the best of “money power” with minimal investment. Yes, the only criteria which become the biggest source of importance is your “practical knowledge” with patience, “self-control”, “timely decision taking ability” along with basic financial backing. Yes, stock market success can be termed as the combination of the aforesaid mentioned traits and possibly lead to quite a luxurious life which has got loads of money at your disposal.

Let’s take a look at some of the important aspects related with stock market and how important it is to possess the knowledge of the same as well:-

“Hold” stocks for a longer duration of time – Buy and Hold Trading

Stock market trading education emphasize that you take smart decisions for getting the maximum leverage of the situation. Yes, likewise, as an investor you can hold back the stock which you may feel have quite an awesome prospect in future and keep it for a longer duration of time. This “move” can be regarded as quite a “smart” approach where the safety track record is quite high. But, you never know that in few undeniable situations or case, the tide may go against you and you may have to suffer, if the market conditions aren’t that favorable, as you may have thought it to be initially.

Number one Stock MArket Education Academy

Taking instant actions related with stock right when the situation is conducive – Active Stock trading

Yes, in what could be termed as quite a smart approach which is adopted by a number of investors who understandably want to maximize their profits where selling in the nick of time turns out to be a smart decision. While undergoing Stock market education, you will know how monitoring of holdings regularly can reap huge benefits, even though you don’t look after your stocks daily.

Day Trading

There is absolutely no dearth of options as things will become quite clear once you opt for stock market education for beginners where you simply have to invest some “time” everyday where the time taken by you will infact yield sufficient income for you on regular basis. Yes, as you gain experience through training, you will surely be able to empower yourself with the detailed experience to invest in specific stocks which may well yield you instant profits as well.

Final thoughts 

If you are not well equipped with taking decisions, do make a point of enrolling yourself with stock market education for beginners for your own betterment and to get a grasp of every “challenging” aspect of the field. Sooner the better, so get yourself in some
“rigorous training” and see yourself amongst the likes of successful investors in a matter of few years for sure. Yes, you have to decide for yourself as the right opportunity is waiting for you. So create a solid start in the world where your smart decisions can create a financially secured life. So, the time has come when you need to groom yourself with the right training in a professionalized manner.

Everything you want to know about stock market

Stock Market Trading Education

Everything you want to know about stock market – An insight

The stock market holds an optimistic phase for people who are eyeing towards ensuring a world of luxury, convenience, hope, aspirations by overcoming the challenges. Yes, like any competitive market, the stock market is synonymous with its own peculiarities and uncertainties. However, through proper channels such as taking Stock market Trading Education, one can seemingly remove confusions associated with. Yes, it is highly important that the investor has to be quite proficient and knowledgeable about the online trading process. So, why to wait when you can be a part of the satisfied, happy and jubilant based of investors across the world who has successfully enrolled in the training course only to get an edge over others while investing in stocks? Yes, there is actually no need to. Isn’t it?

There have been the two most obvious reflections of a changing scenario with regards to the stocks:-

  • The brokerage fees have gone down further to create an awesome phase
  • The prevalence of stock market technical analysis courses imply that the basics are taught in a practical and professionalized manner for honing the skills of the investor.

There is actually whole bunch of things which go towards empowering investors thanks to stock market education. Let’s have a look at them in detail:-

Your transaction is based on 3 types. Let’s take a look at them in detail:-

  • Market orders: – It relates to the scenario where based on the current price, your shares are going to be purchased or sold
  • Limit orders: – This phase is based on giving an indication to the broker to deal in share (buy or sell) based on fetching “X’ amount or more.
  • Stop Orders: -It offers a mix of the two. However, for investors who have currently enrolled themselves in the investment field, “market orders” is the obvious choice.

Review and go for checkout 

Finally, once the details are filled, “Place Order” button will be visible and after that, you get a window to review the details you have currently filled in as well. The investor also gets to know whether he/she has sufficient balance in account. 

Stock market education for beginners aims to give you in-depth strategy where you will get thorough and detailed assistance through the most important factors in a professionalized manner:-

  • You will get a knowledge base of trading stocks (Do’s and Don’ts)
  • The best strategies which experienced investors have adopted for trading and how you can equally imbibe those, to make a name for yourself in such a competitive world.
  • Once you choose the right stock market education, your inexperience or lack of knowledge won’t be a source of hindrance for you. Yes, after all, you will get systematic and state of the art guidance right through the dedicated and experienced experts
  • Thereby, you will realize the kind of confidence and professionalism which was instilled “in” you right through the stock trading course for ensuring a pleasant beginning for a long term.

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Tips which can cement your success in stock market

success in stock market

Technology has come of age and on one hand, internet boom has been the most obvious reflection while the craze of the stock market has generated quite a craze on the other. However, of late, we do have seen many investors making wrong choices due to being “ill trained” or “ill informed”. Yes, considering the market which can make you rich in few minutes, you can, in fact, lose all your hard-earned money in the very same fashion as well. Yes, one needs to be quite proficient with regards to the concepts and facts and the same is being imparted through stock market Technical Analysis Courses, which are factual based and hone the skills of investors under the able guidance of professional investors.

Yes, the craze of stock markets has reached sky high in our lives. So, there goes the following frequented and asked questions:-

  • What exactly is stock market?
  • What are the stocks which are worth purchasing and selling in different scenarios?
  • Which stocks should I keep for long term?
  • What exactly is meant when “the stock market closed on quite a high note” etc

Once what stock market was considered to be a domain for affluent and well-off segments of the society, has registered an exciting presence in the general sections of the society, i.e. is the masses. Yes, the technological advancement has thrown open the likelihood of people in general to create a financially secured life for themselves.

So, if you ask me what are the benefits which you are going to find after enrolling yourself in the Stock market Trading Education? Well, let’s find out through the following:-

Know the preferred stock to purchase 

The basic trait of entering the stock market is to purchase the stocks as a primary factor. You need to know the last offer of the stock and divide the same with the amount you are going to invest. For example, if the stock’s last price is Rs. 10 and you have a total of Rs 50,000, then you can purchase a total of 5000 stocks.

Finalize purchase by “inserting” symbol

We need to insert the ticker symbol as a way of confirming our identity. In the event when we are actually not knowledgeable about the specific symbol of the company, then we can very well know through the available link as well.

Orders which are there on “conditions” 

Yes, for the ease of investors who can’t be right in the vicinity of computers all day long, can opt for this piece of convenience. Yes, it is referred as “conditional orders” and gives an impetus to investors to program their strategies with regards to the specific account according to their own preference and desire. It is such similar techniques which create a sense of ease by removing the pre-conceived notion from people that investment is a herculean task. Well, it is actually not, as long as there is a systematic knowledge which has been imparted in the form of stock market education for beginners.

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