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Cos raise Rs 46,000 crore in January via debt placement


India Inc raised about Rs 46,000 crore through private placement of corporate debt bonds in January, taking the total to a staggering Rs 5.25 lakh crore during 10 months of the current fiscal.

The funds have been raised for business expansion, to repay loans and meet working capital requirements. In debt private placement, firms issue debt securities or bonds to institutional investors to raise capital.

Foreign institutional investors turn net buyers in equities so far in February

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Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) bought (net) shares worth Rs 1,849.62 crore in February so far with gross purchases and gross sales of Rs 22308.16 crore and 20458.54 crore, respectively.

On Tuesday, they bought shares worth Rs 603.82 crore with gross purchases and gross sales of Rs 5376.17 crore and Rs 4772.35 crore, respectively.

FIIs offloaded shares worth Rs 149.95 crore in January 2017.

The BSE Sensex was trading 74.83 points, down at 28364.45 i ..

Technical Analysis for Short and Long Term Traders

Technical Analysis

The current economic unrest adds to the highly volatile stock market trading, drawing companies and traders to work critically over time. Every trader must have a market decision based on the recent trend. But how should a market decision be made? When must a trader enter or exit in a certain market trading? When is the proper time to trade the market? Technical Analysis is one of the most basic and precise way to track the short term as well as the long term trends of the market. Financial markets, volume, stock charts and prices: these are the main elements that comprise Technical Analysis. It tracks that all information is reflected already in the stock price. Identifiable trends or conditions and investors’ emotional responses to price movement’s results to established price chart patterns. Compatible and predictable price patterns appear because past performance of the markets repeats itself time and again. If you want to find out what stock to buy and at what price, then Technical Analysis could possibly help you. Finding good companies with strong earnings and long term sustainability investors can be determined using Technical Analysis. Some of the best companies can lose value based on traders’ emotions to the price charts. In turn, there are companies that are not valued highly that can do really well on any given day.

Technical Analysis Courses Pune | Jaipur

Technical Analysis Courses

What to Look For in a Technical Analysis Course?

People, who are thinking of learning technical analysis, might be trying to figure out where to begin. Whenever you review the different technical analysis courses and the tutorials available in the market, you want to ensure that it is dealing with these main concepts.

Chart styles

These are the first things to be considered. Is the technical analysis course encouraging you to use stick chart, candle chart or line chart? Different styles can have different strengths but most of the times, technical analysis will make use of candles or OHLC (sticks). In such cases ensure that you learn the basic principles of each one and then delve into the proper chart style.