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Higher Delivery Quantity (16/04/2019)

FDC 542787 14728 166.15
PRSMJOHNSN 2876049 88408 101.15
VSTIND 21292 715 3483.85
JAGRAN 550212 41094 118.10
PNCINFRA 301675 45351 160.40
ABB 143502 21725 1411.65
KPRMILL 27670 5916 576.20
505533 140855 30241 440.05
GUJFLUORO 29479 6626 1059.05

52 Week High Breakout (16/04/2019)

INDIGO 1581.90
SHREECEM 19595.50
IGL 322.55

Rail Vikas Nigam shares up 25 pc in three days

stock market news

MUMBAI: Though the shares of the government-owned Rail Vikas Corporation were disappointing on the day of listing, the shares have made investors happy in the last 3 days. It has increased 25% in three days. With this, its market capitalization has also increased by one thousand crore rupees during this period.
The share of this company was listed on the issue price of the IPO, ie 19 rupees on April 11 in the stock market. Since then, continuous stock is getting stronger. On Monday, it had an upper circuit of 20% in its stock, which increased the market capitalization of the company to Rs 5000 crore. Even on Tuesday, its shares closed above 25% with a gain of more than 8%.

RBI can reduce rates again


Mumbai-The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) can cut further policy rates by 0.25 per cent in the next monetary policy review. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, an overseas brokerage company, has made such an estimate. This global brokerage house said that this is indicated by the speech by the governor of the Reserve Bank of the ruling party Das. In his address, there was an emphasis on accelerating economic growth. Earlier this institution had said that the Reserve Bank will make the next cut in monetary policy review in June or August. This deduction will depend on the condition of the rain.
Indeed, during the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Washington, Das had emphasized the need to accelerate economic growth while staying below the inflation target. Bank of America Merrill Lynch said in a note that we now expect the Monetary Policy Committee to cut the policy rate by 0.25 per cent on June 7 and bring it to 5.75 per cent. If this happens then it will be a third consecutive time, when the policy rate is cut in the repo rate. Overall the cut will be 0.75 per cent, which is quite large.
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10.51 percent interest on NCD of JM Financial

stock market news

Mumbai- The NCD (Non Convertibable Debentures) of JM Financial Products Limited will open on April 22 and close on May 21. The company will give 10.51 percent annual interest to the investors in this NCD. However, once more subscription comes, the company can close it earlier. This NCD has given CRISIL and IKRA a stable rating of AA. However, before this, some companies are getting interest of 10.75 per cent in NCD and it has a good rating from those companies.
The company officials in Mumbai said that this NCD will be listed on the stock exchanges and its face value is Rs. 1,000. Through this, the company wants to raise Rs 200 crore, but if more subscription comes, then it can be increased to Rs 1,000 crore. That is, the company can take 800 crores more.
Company’s managing director Vishal Kampani told that the company has a diversification product and has a strong credit profile and a good track record of growth and profitability. Also, the profile of good lending reflects its growth and the quality and returns of the assets. The gross NPA of the company has been 0.3 percent till December 2018.
He said that our focus has always been on risk-adjusted profit and continuous growth. This NCD is the next part of our process. The minimum application for this NCD can be Rs 10,000. After that, its multiplier can be applied. There will be different interest rates on different series, which will be between 9.89 percent and 10.51 percent.