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Secret Intraday Profit

  1. What is mean by intraday
  2. How to trade in intraday
  3. What time to entry or exit
  4. Selection of stock in intraday
  5. How to make profit in intraday
  6. How to keep stop loss and when to keep
  7. How much to take risk
  8. Morning strategy and afternoon strategy
  9. Closing strategy and opening strategy
  10. Pivot point
  11. How to calculate open, high, low and close
  12. Six different strategy for intraday

Duration & Timings

1 Day


Fees: Rs. 3500 /-

The Courses are for

Traders, investors, employees, analysts, sub-brokers, hnis, fund managers, students, housewives, retired persons, businessmen and everyone connected with insurance, finance, and banking.



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